Blue Light Festival

The Blue Light festival, located on 200 acres of farm land outside of Madison, WI, hosts an array of artists and genres from the subtle ambient noise of Kevin Greenspon to the acid fused rock of Big Waves of Pretty


Track List and Artist Info:

1. Conjuror- Black Velvet, Dead Flowers- http://theconjuror.bandcamp.com/

2. Julian Lynch- Horse Chestnut- https://julianlynch.bandcamp.com/

3. Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk- Stacey’s Friend- http://bbddm.tumblr.com/

4. Kevin Greenspon- Happiness Pt. 2- http://kevingreenspon.info/

5. Apollo Vermouth- Pool of White Light- http://apollovermouth.com/

6. Yume Nikki- Stay Home- https://yumenikki.bandcamp.com/

7. Crown Larks- Defector- https://crownlarks.bandcamp.com/

8. Big Waves of Pretty- Big Waves- https://bigwavesofpretty.bandcamp.com/

About Blue Light 

Spencer Bible, Blue Light’s founder and organizer, would write and record music at his uncle’s farm in Highland, WI. He decided to use the space for a “donation based DIY gathering of like minded musicians.”


“I call [it] Blue Light because I was staring at an apartment complex and all the windows had flickering blue light coming out of them. It was from all the computers and televisions. Blue Light is a means of getting people out in nature, coming together, and enjoying some art. This isn’t some high-minded business. Mostly, I just want people to chill out in the country, party, and listen to some sweet music.”


Blue Light Festival runs July 17th through the 19th in Highland, WI. Tickets are a $15 donation. More information on their website: http://bluelightwi.com/.